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Finding your way around the plentiful and sometimes complicated types of measurements, breaking strengths, rod ratings etc. in the world of lure fishing can be challenging!

Below, we are trying to shine some light into the world of Ounces, PE ratings, Rod actions, Kilograms and more!

Please note, that some figures are estimates or rounded up/down to the closest full unit!



Sometimes and often on American or Japanese products such as lures, sinkers or rod casting weights, you will notice the unit "Ounces" or "Oz" instead of grams.

In Japan, PE ratings for fishing braids refer to the measurement system used to indicate the thickness and strength of braided fishing lines, where PE stands for PolyEthylene, commonly used to denote the line's diameter and corresponding strength.

Below you can find an explanation of rod power ratings, converted from the Description of the rating such as i.e. "Ultra Light", to casting weight in grams and ounces. Additionally, we have added appropriate target species for the ratings, these can of course vary depending on fish size, technique, conditions and many more factors!

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