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Finesse Filet Packshot Real Roch.png
ff 1.png

Finesse Filet imitates a powerless and disorientated dying minnow.
The extremely thin body moves very similar to a dying fish even with the slightest of motions.
Thanks to the baits thicker head, the hook sits stably in place.
Different to most Softbaits, the Finesse Filet is presented lying down. This makes Finesse Filet
the perfect bait for fishing Finesse-Rigs such as Carolina, Texas, Drop-Shot but also Cheburashka and straight jig heads work perfectly with this amazing bait.


#LMAB (short form for the German "Leck mich am Barsch", which means "Kiss my bass") is an innovative German fishing brand
founded by the company Hecht & Barsch GmbH.

KØFI 1.png

The KØFI (Baitfsih) does not need much of an introduction: Two Paddle tails (Perch and Roach) and one Pin Tail (Bleak) all kept in a very realistic pattern. Just one look at them tells you they will catch fish!

Video in German but check out how amazing these lures work under water

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