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Baffi Fly – A nymph from FishUp


While developing the classical forms of “nymphs”, FishUp team created a special design of antennae and movable legs that created the peculiar playing style of Baffi Fly, characterized by its attractive, “real” behaviour underwater.

Baffi Fly can be successfully used for micro-jig fishing for perch, walleye, small pike and white predators. Although it doesn’t imitate any specific food object, it tempts the fish to attack. Of course, the best results can be achieved with accurate perturbations, small steps, drawing, giving the bait time to rest on the bottom and tease the predator with the attractive game of its antennae.


FishUp Baffi Fly is your ultra light universal bait.


10pcs per pack

1.5" FishUp Baffi Fly


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