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The Curly Lui is an advanced version of the popular King Lui. The combination of paddle and curly tail make this bait special and it starts moving alluringly upon the slowest retrieve.

A Slow presentation can work especially well in venues which suffer from strong fishing pressure


Like all other Monkey Lures, the Curly Lui is salted, oiled and scented. These three factors combined with soft texture will convince the pickiest predator to keep hold of the lure until you're ready to set that hook!


The Curly Lui works well on finesse rigs such as Carolina, Texas or Drop-Shot rig. Equally, it outsmarts predators on the Cheb-Rig and the standard Jig Head!

10cm Monkey Lures 'Curly Lui'

£6.95 Regular Price
£4.17Sale Price

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