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No other bait can generate such eager bite than The Do-Live SS-Gill This bait creates a whole new world.

The Do-Live SS-Gill is a bluegill-like bait that has ultimate ability for searching bass and eliciting bite aiming at the bass called “gill eater” that eats bluegill mainly to catch more fish effectively and overwhelmingly. This has large spiral fall that displaces the water moderately slowly when it falls because of its slide performance. Also it generates unpredictable tricky action when it falls or when you lift & fall it at the bottom. That spiral fall performs bluegill’s alertless swimming and it appeals to bass widely by just 1 cast because it spirals largely. It has almost real water displacement and high pitch action of tail. That is why The Do-Live SS-Gill generates eager bite. The Do-Live SS-Gill not only sought for easy use and hooking ability but stuffed real fishing ability with shape design and material to realize overwhelming slide width when it falls. The Do-Live SS-Gill will definitely be a new weapon because it has a whole new world of eager bite. A lot of bite have been proven at fishing fields that shows bass bites it and try to swallow it.

DoLive SS-Gill 2inch : Finesse fishing using gill-shape worm opens a breakthrough

The Do-Live Gill SS 2” was born to break the situation that anglers can never get any reaction from bass with former finesse fishing. This bait is effective in not only the field where blue gill and its fry or small crustaceans are breeding, but in major field and tournament. The reason why gill-shape worm can catch fish is its irregular action generated by flat body. But flat body is not easy to handle. But The Do-Live Gill SS 2” solved the contradiction between irregular action and easy to use by thorough analysis. The Do-Live Gill SS 2” is not just downsizing of 3.6”. For example, if you use light texas rig with 2.7g bullet weight, it moves irregularly but at the same time it acts as you intend. It shows unpredictable spiral fall and circus action that is hard to come close to the movement distance. The Do-Live Gill SS 2” is going to be a new axis because it can make intended irregular action.

2" O.S.P. DoLive SS-Gill

  • It swims backwards

    To achieve an impressive wide backward swimming action, try adding a 3.5g nail weight to the head of your bait and setting the hook from the tail. This is commonly known as the swim-backward setting. It is recommended to use a rolling swivel as the bait will rotate during retrieval. Attach the rolling swivel to the hook, approximately 20-40cm away.


    Circus action

    If you lift it up at the bottom just lightly, it rotates like giant swing and then touch the bottom. If you let it hang on a branch and lift and fall it, it also starts to rotate widely. It is almost like panicked bluegill. It never moves a lot from the spot, so it is possible to seduce bass at the one good grass spot by repeating that action many times. It is also possible to irritate bass and let the bass bite at sight fishing.


    Spiral fall

    If you let it fall freely with 3.5g Texas rig, it spiral falls drawing a large ark. If you keep line tension, it falls like S shape without spiral. If you use Texas rig with weight stopper tight to move only a little, it draws larger arc. Normally spiral fall causes line twist, but large spiral fall does not cause twist too much compared to fine cone-like spiral


    Low center of gravity body

    It is easy to keep hook point upward when you give action, so it reduces stress like hanging because the hook point seldom faces downward when it contact with bush or grass.


    Octagonal tail

    As if the tail of bluegill, it catches the slight change in the water current, it flaps with high pitch and flutters even if you retrieve slowly, it controls SS (spiral & slide) performance.


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