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Flit is a great choice for those who are never afraid to experiment in angling. Due to its rolling "frame" and special tabs on the sides, fantasy FishUp Flit allows achieving high performance while trying different types of jigging. Thanks to the side tabs that create additional resistance in the water, Flit is sinking more slowly while trying graded bouncing, twitching and bottom bouncing; and constantly moving legs make it look more teasing.

Doing sharp jerks make the lure literally flitter – hence the name!

You should also know that this lure belongs to "worms", so can be applicable in all kinds of "worm" methods. Besides that, FishUp Flit is highly effective when applied to various finesse rigs such as the free rig, drop shot rig, texas & carolina rig and many more!



3" FishUp Flit

  • Model Size (mm) Amount (pcs.)
    Flit 1.5" 41 10
    Flit 2" 55 9
    Flit 3" 77 8
    Flit 4" 104 7

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