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The SpinMad "Impulse Pro" is classed as a Vibration Hardbait / Blade bait / Cicada . 

6.5g and 5cm of hand painted beauty will convince all native predators. The vibrating action and diving depth can be adjusted by attaching the lure onto two different eyes located on the back of the bait. This makes the Impulse Pro incredibly versatile: Small Trout rivers, medium sized canals and rivers for Chub and Perch or even deeper waters for Zander and Crocs can be fished with it. Casting abilities are spot on, reaching spots you could not before is not a problem anymore. Additionally, the lure starts working from the point of hitting the surface and can pick up Preds on its first drop close to walls or overhanging trees on the far bank!




6.5g SpinMad Impulse Pro

  • Weight 6,5g

    Length: 50mm

    Height: 16mm

    Hook size: 2 x nbr. 10 VMC

    Items per pack: 1

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