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Crafted to replicate the erratic movements of a distressed insect on the water's surface, the Geecrack Imo Kemushi Floating Stick Worm boasts a rich infusion of salt and rubber 'hairs', generating an irresistible wiggling motion that entices bites from hungry fish seeking an easy meal.


Perfect for targeting native UK species such as perch, chub, wrasse, and more, this lure proves effective in various techniques including skipping and pitching under docks or casting into shadowy areas beneath overhanging branches.


For weightless presentations, simply pair the Imo Kemushi Floating Stick Worm with your preferred wide gap finesse hook, or experiment with setups like the Ned rig or finesse rigs for added versatility. Poured using Geecrack’s exclusive salt, amino, and flavour (SAF) soft plastic material, this lure emits a distinct scent that prolongs fish interest while maintaining optimal buoyancy and action. Renowned in Japan as the potato caterpillar, the Geecrack Imo Kemushi Floating Stick Worm stands as a versatile finesse bait, meticulously crafted to thrive under intense fishing pressure and challenging conditions.


Length: 60mm Pack includes: 3 lures

60mm Geecrack IMO KEMUSHI


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