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The Biovex Joint Bait 110 SF is a multi- jointed swimbait offering anglers a unique, finesse-style topwater action never before seen from any bait of it’s kind. Japanese tuned to run across the surface with a snake like "S” presentation when retrieved and it’s internal weight distribution allows the bait to be worked effectively at any retrieving speed. Engineered to match the hatch, it’s 110 size (4.5 inches) is the perfect baitfish imitation and is made to fish on slick water with a finesse setup for precision casting ability. Matched up with braid and a fluorocarbon leader, the Joint Bait 110 SF will provide a sub-surface waking action just below the water’s surface, once paused the bait sits motionless in the water column turning the most weary of bass into relentless biters. Combined with braid or monofilament line and the Joint Bait 110 SF snakes across the surface of the water simulating a fleeing baitfish and providing anglers with a topwater action made to trigger big bites.


Manufactured: Designed in Japan

Length: 4.5 inch (110 mm)

Weight: 5/8 oz (17 g)

Type: Slow Floating

Category: SWIM BAIT

Biovex Joint Bait 110


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