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Hooks, beads, stoppers, weights, swivels & more - all small parts necessary for finesse fishing find a safe place in this practical box. The CAMO Lures Finesse Tackle Box TBX-200 is made of impact-resistant plastic and has a robust, one-handed closure and a surrounding rubber seal against water leakage. The compartments in the interior of the well thought-out box are closed again by precisely fitted transparent lids, which open at the push of a button thanks to a spring mechanism. No accessory, no matter how small, can accidentally get out! A total of 12 shallow and 12 somewhat deeper compartments ensure that everything is in order. They are each divided in the middle by a removable partition, so they can be doubled in length as needed.  Rounded corners facilitate the removal of small parts.


Item number:CL-TBX200
Dimensions:170x110x45mm (LxWxH)



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