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"The CX series are more than just a crank bait. It is a hybrid of the SX and CK range that takes the best of both parts and mixes them together to create a lure with volume and appeal yet small rear profile for amazing hooking. The CX range features High Sound (HS) spec lures that are fitted with high pitch rattles to stimulate inactive fish in tough conditions. Designed for ease of use the CX range has a strong vibration yet is easy on the angler and can be used over long sessions without causing excessive angler fatigue. The quick action of the CX range appeals to a wide range of predatory fish. Fitted with a wide bill anglers can get the lures up into snaggy areas and tight in against structure where big predators wait for passing prey."

35mm CX 35HS Ecogear Crankbait

  • Lure length: 35mm  (56mm incl. vane)

    Lure weight: 3.4g

    Diving depth: max 1.4m / 4.5ft

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