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If you love your ultralight fishing or LRF these new Duo Tetra Works Entry Sets are going to great addition to your armoury and a fantastic way to try out the Tetra Works soft lures..

The Gomoku set is aimed towards fish feeding at different in the water column and uniquely comes with a Tetra Jig. Like the Mebaring and Rockfish kits each set comes in a durable Meiho partitioned box and features a mixture of soft baits and Sniphead jig heads to match.

" Tetra Jig " was created to target those fish spooked with soft plastics or hard-bodied lures and to reach those depths, which were out of range for your ordinary micro lures. It is a productive lure to search a vast area

“ Burny “ Twin tail fish magnet!! With its short flat body and twin tail the Bunny is a great allrounder especially for fish that suck in their food or when the going gets tough. The twin tail creates super subtle pulsation effect gluing together on the retrieve, then the tail comes apart again during the fall or when you stop retrieving.

" Grapper " With its ultra thin and supple tail it pulse nicely even at the slowest speeds. While the triangular inverted body allow for a smooth glide on the fall.

DUO Tetra Works Entry Set / Gomoku


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