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Whilst Duo's SnipHead Jig heads are designed for the new Tetra Works Soft lures range, they are also perfect for most LRF and small Light Game lures.
As with all Duo products performance and quality is at the top of the list, giving you the reassurance the hooks can cope with larger fish.

  • Perfect for LRF or freshwater use for perch and chub
  • Angled Eye for easy hook penetration.
  • Open gape Micro Barb so you don't miss bites.
  • Flattened shank acts as bait retainer
  • Trapezoid shape for stable bait presentation


The SnipHead feature a completely original hook that has been hammered down in the mid-section for a flashing effect, making it ideal for use with clear type soft baits. In addition, this flat/wider section helps the lure to maintain its ideal position.

The specifically designed inward facing line-eye and the open gape helps anglers set hook with the least amount of effort.

DUO Tetra Works Snip Head


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