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Tetra jig was created to target those fish spooked with soft plastics or hard-bodied lures and to reach those depths, which were out of range for your ordinary micro lures. It is a productive lure to search a vast area with a wide variety of colors available.

It is a center-balanced jig designed to reduce line trouble and increase controllability with a fish like design.

Anglers will be able to cast this micro jig great distances. It will perform a sharp action with a quicker twitching retrieval on the surface. For deeper areas, it will sink horizontally appealing to the fish with a fluttering motion.

A combination of fast sinking and pausing will mesmerize your target. It is most efficient for those wary fish reluctant to bite soft plastics or the usual hard-bodied plugs around break waters and tetra pods. A new era has begun for the micro jigging game.

DUO Tetra Works Tetra Jig

  • 3g SPECS

    Length 32mm


    Weight 3g


    Hook Front/Assist Hook & Tinsel #7, Rear/Tremble #14


    5g SPECS

    Length 37mm


    Weight 5g


    Hook Front/Assist Hook & Tinsel #7, Rear/Treble #14


    7g SPECS

    Length 41mm


    Weight 7g


    Hook Front/Assist Hook & Tinsel #11, Rear/Treble #14

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