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The finest wire trace out there! Extremely thin and flexible, this beautiful material will not even influence the action of your smallest lure! We recommend to only use a simple, gently but fully tightened figure-eight knot. The 0.15mm variant is made for the lightest of UL fishing for Perch and Chub in Jack territories, when slightly damaged, simply cut off that part and retie.

1x19 Flexonit Ultra fine trace (knottable)

  • Quantity 4m
    Material: steel (stainless)
    Color: brown
    Strands: 1x19



  • 0.15mm = 2.5kg (XXUL - XUL application)

    0.20mm = 4.5kg (XL - UL application)

    0.25mm = 6.6kg (UL - L application)

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