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Specially designed for this type of fishing hook allows you to perfectly keep the soft bait in a horizontal plane, which is important for effective animation in catching Drop Shot. The point of a hook is as much as possible focused on the direction of attack of a predator, significantly increasing the chances of getting a trophy. The hook has a resistant anti-corrosion coating BN

Gurza Drop Shot Series

  • Size   Wire diameter mm Hook weight g. Hooks per pack
    4   0.73 0.122 10
    2   0.77 0.130 10
    1   0.77 0.146 9
    1/0   0.98 0.265 9
  • Feat.
    Bend Hook (hook hook) Straight bend (Straight (one-bend) prying)
    Eye Hook Ringed Eye
    Finishes of Hooks Black nickel Finishes
    Points Hook Spiar Point (Sting projected parallel to the hook forearm)
    Shank Hook Forged Shank
    Steel Hook (alloy steel for hook) C-80 Steel (High carbon steel with carbon content up to 0.80%)

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