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This series of offset hooks is designed for fans of afterburning fishing. The sturdy thick hook wire allows you to easily bring a powerful and strong trophy onto the glider. The powerful hook tip is resistant to blunting and has increased penetration due to four cutting edges of the progressive X-POINT SYSTEM system. The high-quality Teflon hook coating gives the latter excellent glide upon penetration into trophy tissue, increasing penetration up to 15%. In addition, Teflon reliably protects the hook metal from corrosion and eliminates the glare of the latter. The hook has a wide ear, which allows it to be used effectively in articulated mountings

Gurza Super Lock XP

  • Size   Hook weight g. Diameter Hooks per pack
    1   0.552 1,11 5
    1/0   0.718 1.21 5
    2/0   0.921 1.32 4
    3/0   1,126 1.42 4
    4/0   1.34 1,5 3
    5/0   1.71 1,6 3

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