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Closed Offset with a wide gap for catching on soft baits with a fairly wide body. Functionally, the model is a repetition of the WORM 310, but is adapted for fishing with the use of hinged connections with weights, for this the hook has a wide LE eye with a small size ruler, which avoids a wedge. All other parameters of the WORM 310 model are stored in full.
The model has a Wide Ring Eye.


TIP: The "Worm 310" range is all about being leightweight and thin wired, the lower sized models #4 and #6 are recommended to be fished with a sensitve rod and well set up drag. 

Gurza Worm 310 LE

  • № EU   Wire diameter mm Hook weight g Quantity
    6   0,46 0,060 6
    4   0,58 0,110 6
    2   0,68 0,160 6
    1   0,79 0,220 5
    1/0   0,88 0,336 5
    2/0   0,99 0,500 4
    3/0   1,08 0,640 3
    Barb Hooks Micro Barb
    Bend Hook Straight bend
    Eye Hook Wide Ring Eye
    Finishes of Hooks Black nickel Finishes
    Points Hook The Best Needle Point
    Shank Hook ForgedForged Shank
    Steel Hook V Stee

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