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A strong offset hook with a very wide gap is used for fishing on soft baits with a wide body. The hook is made with a larger diameter of the ear for a more functional use in the hinge mounting. In the production of hook used high carbon steel produced in Japan. The hook has a high-quality anti-corrosion coating of black nickel.   (Wide Ring Eye (LE)).

Gurza Worm 777 LE

  • № EU   Wire diameter mm Hook weight g Quantity
    2   0.82 0.249 5
    1   0.87 0.295 5
    1/0   0.91 0.360 5
    2/0   0.99 0.454 5
    3/0   1.05 0.566 5
    4/0   1.15 0.706 5
  • Bend Hook Straight bend
    Eye Hook Wide Ring Eye
    Finishes of Hooks Black nickel Finishes
    Points Hook The Best Needle Point
    Shank Hook Forged Shank
    Steel Hook C-HI Steel

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