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The IMA Silent Salt Skimmer is a subtle surface lure which has the ability to draw fish to the surface and induce them to take. To get the best from the Salt Skimmer you need to use your rod to work it in a zig-zag fashion. When worked like this the weighting of the lure causes the tail to dig into the water creating a boil which really draws the fish in. As you would expect the finish and components are first class and Owner hooks ensure that takes become landed fish.

The slim profile and tail weighting allow you to make surprisingly long and accurate casts.

IMA Silent Salt Skimmer

  • Length - 110mm

    Weight - 13gm


    Surface sliding/walk the dog action

    Boils and swirls on the pause

    Internal weighting

    Good casting

    Superb finish

    2 x #4 Owner ST46 hooks

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