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15 pcs value pack of this awesome JDM Mini jig head!


Originally designed for Ajing and slow fall presentations in the salt, this jig head is also an incredible addition to our light freshwater range. Targeting Chub, Trout and Perch in small streams, rivers and canals will be the main playing ground for this awesome tool!


Hook size #8 (shank length 14mm / 0.55inch)



Jackall's description:


In ajing, swimming fishing mainly on curve fall is common.


SUISUI SWIM JIGHEAD is a simple round jig head. It is designed to make you feel comfortable pulling while receiving moderate water.


PEKE RING and AMIAMI, such as, originally strong wave softbait taking into account the combination of a, for each head size, not too strong, design water flow resistance of not too weak.

In addition, the angle of the hook is carefully verified so that the softbait does not easily shift even if there is no softbait keeper on the axis of the hook. The wide shorthand makes it easy for fish to catch, and the hook shape has "horns", which succeeds in preventing the soft bait from slipping. You can enjoy fishing comfortably.

Jackall Sui Sui Swimming Jig Head (Bulk)


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