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This hollow bodied Micro Frog, is designed and hand-made by Indonesian lure maker Lexs Papinka and imitates a small insect, amphibian or a similar food source on the waters surface.
In his country of origin, the mini lure is used to target native species such as Snake Heads, while in the US, lure fishermen target Bass, Crappie and many other species with them successfully!
By default, the single hook is positioned weedlessly, tight to the body for fishing heavy cover and will pop out on the bite; if you fish more open waters and would like to increase your hookup rate, simply turn the hook by 180° which will make it sit right under the body (see pics for visualisation).
Streetfishing London is introducing this lure with mainly Chub, Trout and Perch in mind, but we are almost certain, we will see many other species being outsmarted by it in the future.
So if you know a little overgrown stream, with big or small fish sitting in tight cover or any other body of water, where the preds and silvers like to pick stuff off the surface, grab yourself one of these little top water killers!

Papinka Lures Micro Top-Water Frog

Out of Stock
  • Origin: Handmade in Indonesia


    Weight: 1g

    Body: 1.5 cm / 0.55"

    One Lure per pack.

    Weedless option


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