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The Monkey Lures “Hairy Lui“ is a specialised lure with a “Hairy tail”. Possessing the Same body base as the “King Lui” in 14cm the Paddle tail has been replaced with plenty of tassels for an amazing, pulsating presentation underneath the surface.

With all the Flavour and colour attributes of the other  Monkey Lures models, this specialised bait is a deadly weapon fished vertical near the bottom or pelagic with the absolute slowest to no movement.

Equally the tail of this lure will pulsate in an insane manner upon impact when fished on a Jig Head, Carolina or Texas Rig and of course Cheburashka flex head. We recommend to fish this lure that way when the predators in your waters enjoy munching crayfish!

Pike and big Perch will love this lure but Zander will absolutely ADORE it!


Last but not least the “Hairy Lui” looks absolutely delicious on a Drop Shot rig!

For the Monkey Lures “Colour Action System” (UV rates of the different colours etc.) go to our Monkey Lures site with all information you need about this brand.


4 pcs per pack

Lure weight 12g

14cm Monkey Lures Hairy Lui

£6.95 Regular Price
£4.17Sale Price

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