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The Monkey Lures “King Lui” is a new generation scented soft lure.

Most effective for our three main predator species Perch, Pike and Zander, the soft material plus the rippled recesses of this bait makes it especially easy for fish to inhale and fold the lure upon impact!

The large paddle tail ensures a perfect action even on slow retrieve, we recommend this lure to be fished on a Jig Head equally as on finesse rigs such as Carolina, Texas, Drop Shot etc.

Like all Monkey Lures the King Lui’s silicon mix is flavoured (Seafood) and the bait is covered with special oils and salts for an optimized bite yield!


For the Monkey Lures “Colour Action System” (UV rates of the different colours etc.) go to our Monkey Lures site with all information you need about this brand.


5 pcs per pack

Lure weight 5g

10cm Monkey Lures King Lui

£6.95 Regular Price
£4.17Sale Price

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