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The Monkey Lures “Shaky Lui” is the newer cousin of the King Lui, a buoyant No-Action shad with incredible flexibility due to its even more recessed body!


The leaf like tail on this lure resembles a dart which helps stabilising the movement of this bait while sending out small flatters and vibrations at slowest movement!

The successful Monkey Lure aromas, oils and salts have of course been integrated into this lure as well, making it an absolute machine on finesse rigs like Carolina, Texas, Drop Shot or Cheburashka flex heads. Of course the bait fishes amazingly on a classic Jig Head as well!

This lure basically is a ‘harvester’, once fish are located, the Shaky Lui’s capability of being fished almost statically helps pick the chunky predators from their ‘trees’


The Shakey Lui sizes turn out much smaller in profile compared to the King Lui. The 7.5cm version for example is much thinner than the 7.5 King Lui, also in length the Shaky Lui tends to be shorter than the equal stated King Lui size.


For the Monkey Lures “Colour Action System” (UV rates of the different colours etc.) go to our Monkey Lures site with all information you need about this brand.


8 pcs per pack

Lure weight 0,9g



7.5cm Monkey Lures Shaky Lui

£6.95 Regular Price
£4.17Sale Price

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