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The HEADSWIMMER LIBERO (two full lures + two spare bodies per pack) is a jig head type ultra-compact swimbait developed as a lure for tight-bottom fishing. Equipped with a brush guard, the head firmly grips the bottom and is designed to prevent it from falling over. Vibration plugs and metal vibrations, which are also often used in the cold season, are effective in wintering areas where hard bottoms, Oda, withered weeds and fallen leaves accumulate.

A small body with a large tail and a tiny blade on the head. A small giant in the cold season with high-impact reaction elements packed into a small body.

The tail, which acts lightly regardless of retrieve speed, attracts fish even when falling or pulling. In order to support various usages such as lifting and falling and pulling, as well as free winding of the middle layer, the bite switch is turned on from all angles even for difficult fish in the cold season.


■ Head shape & very small blade

The head shape makes it difficult to fall down at the bottom. Because it is hard to get rooted, you can boldly attack the messy bottom that vibration plugs and metal vibes are not good at. In addition, the ultra-small blades connected with a double crane bring a flushing appeal without hindering the worm action, enhancing the reaction element.

*The weight is indicated on the bottom of the head.


■ Exquisite brush guard

During reaction fishing in the cold season, short bites that peck at you for a moment will be annoyed, but the Libero is firmly sucked into the fish's mouth with its small body. The brush guard is set with an exquisite seasoning that makes it easy to hook while dodging obstacles.



■ Guide hole for hook removal and insertion

Libero includes 2 head and worm sets and 2 spare worms. There are guide holes at the insertion and removal positions so that the jig head needle can be easily inserted when replacing the worm.




















RAID Japan Head Swimmer Libero

  • Pcs per pack: 2 lures + 2 spare bodies

    Weight: 5g / 7g

    Length: 60mm / 6cm / 2.36 inches

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