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The Rock Game Sinker TG by RUDIE'S is a tungsten model of their original GAME CHANGING lead Rock Game Sinker, featuring a quick weight exchange capability within 5 seconds. It includes a standard lock pipe for swift attachment and detachment, protecting the line from damage and avoiding the need for line cuts when exchanging weights.

Originally designed for Rock Fishing in Japan, this Bean style sinker is an ideal mix between a Texas Rig and a Free Rig weight, comes in sizes between 5g-25g and fishes perfectly on:

Free running Texas Rig

Pegged Texas Rig

Free Rig

Carolina Rig

Target species are literally any fish that can be outsmarted with Finesse Tactics such as Perch, Chub, Zander, Wrasse, Bass and the plentiful word of LRF micro species!

Rudie's Rock Game Sinker (Tungsten)


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