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The SFL EGG Snaps are all about sturdiness! With three sizes, we are covering most lure fishing applications and the lightweight yet strong stainless steel will hold up well against strong predators in fresh and salt water.

When and why snaps?


  • Use them when conditions change quickly and you have to swap lures regularly.
  • A must have when fishing ChebHeads, knots will get damaged or even pulled through the slot of the weight.
  • Perfect for trace building, if you are targeting Pike or know they're about and hungry.

#0 / 7kg = your perfect snap for Perch, Chub and light Zander fishing.
#1 / 12kg  = heavier Perch fishing, Zander and Bass chase or lighter Pike targeting.
#2 / 15kg = the ideal snap to build some serious Pike traces! Also use it for heavier Bass fishing and other salt applications!


  • Size Breaking Pcs Material
    0 7kg 10 Stainless Steel
    1 12kg 10 Stainless Steel
    2 15kg 10 Stainless Steel



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