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During its development, The SFL 'Quality Lure Stuff' Tungsten Bullet weight was fished and optimised in UK waters by experienced lure anglers for over one year.

To have 97% pure Tungsten as a material was a given from the start, the advantages of a small profile and extreme contact to your rig, combined with its eco-friendliness were always overwhelming.

Over years of fishing Finesse Rigs like Texas r. or Carolina r. and especially since swapping to a hard material like Tungsten, another factor pushed itself to the foreground more and more:

An inline tubing is a non-negotiable feature when it comes to fishing Bullet weights on light leaders as we all do for Perch, Chub and Zander.  Often, a chip-proof coating is used as an excuse to exclude the extra work and costs of an inlay, but we all know, even the toughest finishes of some market-leading products are not chip-proof against the concrete banks, bridges and plenty of other hard obstacles our weight encounters on its journey to a chunk!

The only way to ensure, that the leader will not be in contact with sharp edges is a plastic tube, full stop.

We will not advertise our Bullet weights as chip-proof, BUT you can say bye to line fray forever!

As we are not fans of shiny weights away from the lure (on the lure we love a bit of glare, hence the natural colour of our Cheb-Heads), we have decided to give the Bullets an undercover Green Pumpkin coating to avoid "weight bites" and confused / put off predators.

A large, engraved weight display (GRAMS not the American stuff) completes this high quality and super functional product, we hope you all enjoy it, we are super happy to receive constructive feedback, drop us a message via Socials or Email and let us know how you like them!


SFL Tungsten Bullet Weight

  • Pieces per pack: 5

    Weights= 1.8g / 3.5g / 5.3g / 7g / 8.8g


    97% Tungsten

    2% Nickel

    1% Iron

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