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The SFL Tungsten 'CHEB-HEAD' is the first product of our terminal tackle range.

Cheb-Heads (also called Cheburashka or Flex head) have many, highly attractive attributes for the modern lure angler:

  1. Fish your lure with different weights without having to remove the hook.
  2. Decide if you want to fish weedless or not on the spot.
  3. Allow floating lures to unfold their FULL potential.
  4. Give the lure maximum action due to the flexible hinge.
  5. De-connecting lure and weight, making it easier for the predator to inhale the bait.

Why Tungsten?

  1. The ultra-high density of tungsten, lets you work with much smaller weights and at the same time generates insane feedback from underneath the surface right into your fingertips.
  2. Smaller weights = less visual distraction from your lure.
  3. The material is extremely hard (above titanium on "Mohs scale of hardness"), this makes deformations upon "bridge casts" etc. impossible, makes the product nearly indestructible and keeps the clasp entrance/exit free from misshaped metal. (usually happening with lead alternatives)
  4. It is environmentally friendly.

Why SFL Cheb-Heads?

- Tested and optimised by experienced anglers in the UK.

Extra sturdy clasp to:

  • avoid bending.
  • fiddling around when its cold.
  • withstand the force of a large predator.

- Perfect angle of hinge for an optimum lure presentation.

- No big brand name mark up. One of the most competitive prices out there!

SFL Tungsten Cheb-Heads


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