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The SFL 'Tungsten Finesse Stick', equipped with a swivel eye, is a highly versatile Weight, which can be utilised for Drop Shot, Jika, Kick-back, Free Rigs and much more!


Our 'Finesse Stick' comes in four weights, to cover many UK predator fishing applications, rocks an undercover Green Pumpkin coating to not distract from your lure and the weights are clearly displayed in grams, so no more guessing!


Once you've got some of these in your box, you will never want to miss them again, no matter if you are an LRF specialist, Perch Slayer, Chub Hunter, or you just like to target all of the predatory species in our waters!



Why Tungsten?

  • The ultra-high density of tungsten, lets you work with much smaller weights and at the same time generates insane feedback from underneath the surface right into your fingertips.
  • Smaller weights = less visual distraction from your lure.
  • The material is extremely hard (above titanium on "Mohs scale of hardness"), this makes deformations upon "bridge casts" etc. impossible, makes the product nearly indestructible and keeps the clasp entrance/exit free from misshaped metal. (usually happening with lead alternatives)
  • It is environmentally friendly



SFL Tungsten Finesse Stick

  • Pieces per pack: 5

    Weights= 3.5g / 5.3g / 7g / 10.5g


    97% Tungsten

    2% Nickel

    1% Iron

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