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The glue for repair, upgrading and creative design for almost every softbait. Not suitable for repairing Z-Man softbaits made of ElaZtech.

Information about Fishing Glue:

Fishing Glue is a special colourless, clear glue for almost all softbaits. Even the gluing of salted & flavoured softbaits succeeds without any problems. The glued area is soft and flexible. The softbait glue does not stick neither to the skin nor to the clothes. It is easy to insert into the holes, cracks and cuts of the softbait. Here are some application options:

  • For repairing and gluing softbaits, (expensive) swimbaits and other soft plastic baits. The softbait "sits" again, soft and flexible! Also with smaller softbaits the repair is worthwhile if necessary. You only need a little Fishing Glue per repair!
  • New colour combinations are easy to make by cutting up softbaits of different colours and sticking the different coloured tails back on.
  • Softbaits can easily be lengthened or shortened by separating or inserting them. You can combine different types of softbaits.
  • Or you can now simply repair loved, especially catching rubber baits and continue to catch them!

Soft Lure Glue (


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