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Utilising its supple, adaptable ElaZtech® composition, the TRD GobyZ swimbait, ideal for Ned rigs, replicates the feel and movement of a live round goby, while also imitating other benthic prey such as bullheads, stonecats, sculpin, darters, and mud minnows. Its accurately modelled body features lifelike eyes, fins, and tail, with a rounded paddletail ensuring a natural swimming motion. Crafted from resilient 10X Tough ElaZtech material, this swimbait prolongs bait longevity and keeps the tail elevated when at rest, simulating small baitfish feeding near the bottom. Specifically designed to complement Football NedZ, Finesse ShroomZ, and other Z-Man Ned rig or small swimbait jigheads, the TRD GobyZ is available in ten optimised colour schemes for swimming or bottom-dragging presentations.

This broad-bodied swimbait, tailored for Ned Rigs, faithfully imitates the invasive round goby and other bottom-dwelling prey like stone cats, bullheads, sculpins, darters, and mud minnows. Its rounded paddle tail ensures a subtle yet convincingly natural swimming motion. With an anatomically precise sculpted body featuring realistic eye, fin, and tail details, the buoyant 10X Tough ElaZtech® material guarantees exceptional durability and keeps the tail floating off the bottom when stationary, mirroring the behaviour of small baitfish feeding near the bottom. Designed to seamlessly pair with various Z-Man Ned Rig and small swimbait jigheads, including Football NedZ™ and Finesse ShroomZ, it comes in ten colour patterns perfectly suited for swimming or dragging along the bottom in diverse scenarios.

Z-Man TRD GobyZ (2.4")


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