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We are the group of people for whom fishing, and especially spinning, is the most beautiful passion, for which we devote each minute of our leisure time… With great pleasure, we would like to present to you the Spinmad company, which is involved in production of high quality, unique spinning lures.

Our company has been present on the market since 2008. Since that time, with proud we have been producing lures, which effectiveness attracts more and more fishermen. The goal of the Spinmad company was to design lures, which will revolutionize the market of fishing and will be in the boxes of each spinning fisherman. And so it happened! For many years, we have been receiving letters from happy clients, who trusted in our products and, when using them, they started a new era of modern fishing. Since the company has been founded, we have our own net of distribution in Poland, and simultaneously we send our lures to business partners in Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, the Great Britain, Slovenia, Italy and Finland. Our products are directed to  clients for whom fishing is only a form of relaxation, and for those who, for many years, have participated in the most important fishing competitions, competing on national and international arena. Producing  lures, we put impact on details, which greatly decide about our success. Solid, thoroughly designed construction and precise painting of our handmade  lures, is our main goal. Taking into consideration our experience connected with fishing and production of lures, we try to improve our products so that they fulfill the highest standards. Thanks to long lasting cooperation with prominent fishermen from Poland and other European countries, we follow the effectiveness of lures Spinmad in different conditions, on reservoirs  and rivers of different type. With passion we produce our blade baits, tail spinners and ice-fishing lures retriever, which makes that each day spent on preparing lures for you is a great satisfaction for us… 

Adam & Maciek

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