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Last river perch

The last few river sessions testing our SFL range were absolutely phenomenal! Once we had found the fish, it usually only took a few minutes to land two or more fish, at peak we had six large perch resting in our nets!

Bites were ferocious and the strength of these early spring spikeys really surprised us quite a few times when we were convinced a large chub would break the surface before we were able to spot the blood red fins! This winter we really made an effort in sticking to different crayfish imitations, testing them thoroughly to find out which ones work well in what conditions. The LMAB Finesse Filet Craw is a model which starts its swimming action on slowest retrieve due to the ultra thin base of the claws combined with a chunky boot on the end of the pincers. This makes it ideal for Finesse rigs and light weights. In the warmer months we will be fishing them much more active, on their own and as trailers to see how they perform while searching for the fish! We are pretty sure they will SLAY! Everyone keep safe out there, order some fishing l


Tight lines out there, catch some chunks!🎣



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