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Arriving at the spot at first light, Rob, Alfie and I got greeted by a lovely looking river, pushing through just at a perfect level and colour. We were aware the wind would complicate lure control and bite detection, so full focus and concentration was a must from the beginning! About fifteen minutes into the session, Rob got a gentle touch close in and precautionary answered with a solid strike; good choice, as after a few hefty head shakes a beautiful chunk broke the surface ready to be netted for a quick shoot. Great start into the session! Not long after and just a few meters upstream, Alfie managed a little chunk as well which presented itself gloriously in the morning sun! Knowing the perch were hungry we slowly worked our way upstream, picking up some more Stripeys from far and close bank, medium-slow retrieve and minor bounces close to the bottom seemed to be the key for the more sizeable ones of which I got one a little later. The absolutely stunning fish slammed a Monkey Lures "Shaky Lui" 10cm

in 'Baba Brown' (high UV activity and Floating) a product we were actively testing as it had arrived in our shop not long ago. After a proper Pub lunch, due to the fairly high fish activity, we decided to walk the same stretch again proceeding our stripy picking. Even though rare in these waters, Rob managed to hook a fat little Jack on a LMAB Finesse filet in 11cm Perch colour which he was presenting slowly undulating on a Cheb head; these lures really unfold an amazing action rigged flexibly! Just after the sun had gone down behind the trees and the light had slightly changed, we heard Alfie shouting for the net, quick sprint, smooth extending of the net and the fish of the day was secure! An absolute specimen of a perch had inhaled the Monkey Lures "Shaky Lui" near the ledge on the close bank. Alfie had just swapped to the high UV active colour Apple Bomb to really make the most out of the last light! A quick pic and back the beauty went, a worthy finish for this lovely session! Thanks once again gents for the nice day, see you all soon for the next SFL Monday session! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Tight lines out there everyone, catch some chunks!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ #sfl #streetfishinglondon #nothingbutfishing #perch #baars #aborre #barsch #fishingtravel #lurefishing #tackleshop #ukfishing #uklurefishing #predatorfishing #softlure #hardbait #perchfishing #perchlurefishing #instafish #canalfishing #riverfishing #lakefishing #streetfishing #rod #reel #fishon #fishinglife #catchandrelease


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