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Ultra Light lure fishing in small streams

(this text was written in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic when travelling further than 15miles from your house was not permitted for leisure.)

Today, I spent my morning deep in between brambles and other spikey vegetation to explore an unknown micro-stream. Yes, I can travel further for fishing as it is part of my work, but whenever possible, I stay close to home.

To be honest, it is quite fun to find out what lurks in the local streams, drains and ponds!

Ultra-Light was today's motto, a selection of paddle tails, pintails and crays, rigged on weights between 1.5g-2.5g were used and a few fish were outsmarted too!

The stream I was fishing, holds mostly Perch and Chub, with the odd Rudd and rare Trout sprinkled into the mix. The Wasps were the most active species today and willingly nailed all sorts of SPs between 1.5-2.5", mostly rigged on weedless setups, to avoid getting stuck in the heavy cover I was chucking at.

Tight Lines,


Check out the lures and terminal tackle here 👇

For the size of the stream, a well-sized stripey!

A surprise (out of season) Brownie slammed the 6cm LMAB Bleak Shad violently, in the oxygenated water beneath a small natural weir.

Perfect fit: LMAB Bleak Shad in 6cm, paired with a Decoy SV-38 #3 in 1.8g

Keitech skirted Mono Jig, presenting a FishUp Real Craw in 2"

Close up of the above, perfect for a light approach in snaggy areas!

Decoy SV-38, hook size #3. In this case, the Keitech Shad Impact 2" was presented on 1.8g.

And caught monsters!

And EXACTLY that's where we wanna go! Challenging and fun!

Close UP

The hooks are SHARP.

The little Chub was pulled from an extra snaggy spot. 6cm Bleak Shad providing!


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