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Evergreen Shower Blows 125

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Introducing the Evergreen Shower Blows 12.5: The Ultimate Secret Weapon for Bass Fishing

Are you searching for the ultimate topwater lure that can entice even the most finicky bass? Look no further than the Evergreen Shower Blows 12.5. This pencil popper has earned its reputation as one of the best-kept secrets in professional bass fishing, leaving other companies scrambling to replicate its success. Designed by BASS tour pro Morizo Shimizu and produced by Evergreen International, this lure is a game-changer that every angler should have in their arsenal.

The Evergreen Shower Blows 12.5 is a versatile bait that offers a range of actions to suit your fishing preferences. Whether you prefer a spitting, bubbling chug or a wide, dog walking motion, this pencil bait can do it all. Even on those days when bass are hesitant to strike topwaters, the Evergreen Shower Blows proves its effectiveness time and time again. Its built-in tungsten weight system not only provides top-class casting capabilities but also creates a loud fish-attracting knock that can't be ignored.

What sets the Evergreen Shower Blows apart from its competitors is its unique bill, which produces powerful splatter, spit, and bubbles that lure fish in. The carefully designed body reduces air resistance, and the strategically placed tungsten weights at the tail end guarantee incredible casting distance even against headwinds. With just one cast, you can cover a much wider area, increasing your chances of success.

The Evergreen Shower Blows 12.5 boasts excellent body balance, allowing for quick consecutive turns without jumping out of the water. This lifelike movement mimics an agitated baitfish being chased by a bass, triggering the predator's instincts and enticing it to strike. To further enhance its fish-attracting action, the bait is equipped with feather hooks attached to the tail. These feather hooks serve as "resonance" in the intervals between stillness and motion, enticing fish with light bites to commit to a full-on strike. The feather hooks also add sharpness to the bait's quick turns, ensuring a higher hook-up ratio.

With the Evergreen Shower Blows 12.5, you have the power to adapt to changing fishing conditions. Whether you need to attract far-away fish with dramatic action or entice nervous fish with soft vibrations, this lure is the ultimate tool for the job. Its outstanding abilities make it a valuable addition to any angler's repertoire.

Technical Specifications:

- Length: 125mm (5.0 inches)

- Weight: 26.0g (1 oz class)

- Type: Floating

- Category: Topwater/Pencil Baits

- Features: Knocker rattle, feather hook, super high castability, spitting and walk the dog action

Evergreen International, Japan's premier tackle company, is renowned worldwide for their high-quality baits that consistently outperform their competitors. Although they may be hard to find outside of Japan, their reputation speaks for itself, and the Evergreen Shower Blows 12.5 is no exception.

Don't miss out on the Evergreen Shower Blows 12.5 – the secret weapon that professional bass anglers rely on. Whether you're a tournament angler or a passionate weekend warrior, this topwater lure will elevate your fishing game to new heights. Give it a try, and you won't be disappointed. So, grab your Evergreen Shower Blows 12.5 and get ready for an unforgettable fishing adventure!


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