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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Early start today once again. Arriving on the beach the water was incredibly alive, some of the biggest Mackerel feeding frenzies I've seen in my life were taking part only feet away from the beach with the odd bigger splash indicating that bass were amongst the hunting predators. While Rob was sorting out his bait for the next few months, I decided to go straight for bass, fishing mostly 4-6inch soft plastics on 10g Jigheads. Casting them out far, allowing them to drop to the bottom once before retrieving fairly slowly seemed to be the most effective way around the Mackerel and putting the lure into the sight of the bass. Even though the odd greedy Mackerel managed to get hooked, I managed to fish fairly selectively for my target species and get a few little chunks out. Once we had enough of the craziness, we decided to hit another spot to maybe outsmart a bigger bass. Fishing only a few minutes in the new spot, both Rob and I managed to hook a fish each and get them out for a quick shoot. The rest of the session consisted of a bite here and there but no more fish. What a great half day in the salt! Got to love the late Summer months down here! Tight lines out there everyone, enjoy the Sun and catch some monsters! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ TACKLE: ROD: Crazee Seabass Game 8.5ft / 20g REEL: Penn Clash 3000 BRAID: Daiwa JBraid x8 0.17mm LEADER: Sunset Amnesia 13.7KG LURE1: Unknown Brand 😜 LURE2: Yokozuna Rioshi Sipiri 11cm Blue Glitter LURE3: Savagegear Sandeel 12cm Blue


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