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Wild Trout in small streams

On Friday eve, Howard and I decided to hit some local streams after work to search for wild, red-spotted beauties.

We were greeted by an extremely overgrown streamlet, carrying less water than we expected after a couple of wet days, resulting in ultra-tight casting spaces and spooky, shallow water fish. Challenge accepted!

We both knew, in this kind of conditions, baits that “fish” from the moment they hit the surface were essential, so we opted for either insect imitations or ultra-soft Keitech softies, which kick off immediately and on very light weights (0.4-1g).

We soon found, that the super realistic FishUp Insects such as the 0.75” ‘Stone Fly’ and ‘Dragonfly’ or the 1.2” very simplistic ‘Pupa’ were preferred that day and we experienced a lovely couple of hours, trying to hit the smallest spaces in between branches, with plenty of pristine Truttas and even the odd (out of season) Chublets and Rudd in the slower flowing areas.

Tight Lines,



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